Sunday, January 25, 2009

365 #25,26,27,28-LOST DOG ALERT***

Have you noticed? : The days-they are getting longer. And the light-it is getting stronger. On Friday , before I returned to work after a quick lunch-I returned to my lovely habit of sitting outside in the fresh air and sun light for a few minutes. There still was snow to be seen, here and there. And I had my hot cup of tea in my cold hands for added warmth but it was wonderful to be out and folks all noticed the feeling of ...Spring. 
Consider my posting of the photo "LOST"  to be a kind of a public service announcement. The poor guy has been missing almost  one month. If you reside in Queens, New York and have seen him-have him call home. Here is an idea: if you live in Queens-mention this on your blog or create a link-perhaps (wishful thinking, I know) we can work together to get this guy home to his loved ones. (I would be broken hearted if my 2 cats went missing. )
The broken mirror is not MINE! Don't want any bad luck in this New Year! I passed it by yesterday but made a mental note to snap it today and I love the 2 images for what they each are. One has the dark stained cement as the focus and the other zeros in on the reflection of the bare tree top above. Cool. I took the shard home to use in a collage. 
Finally: snapped "Jim's" foot prints today after passing them day after day for weeks. Wonder who "Jim" is? Wonder how many years ago he stuck both his feet into wet cement?  Wonder where he is now? If he's out there, reading this:"Hi Jim!". 

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