Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feast or famine...

Some days there are millions of photos to take. Other days-NOTHING! Yesterday there were sights to see. Today, I really had to look to find something. "FEMALE" was taken from the ladies "room" at the park. It reminded me of this great show we saw on PBS last week on the type face Helvetica. It delved into the history of the face and old school typesetting and it was fascinating to listen to all the designers give their impressions of this widely used and interpreted type face. Turns out so much of the world's typography is :helvetica. "FEMALE" is definitely not helvetica. (Funny thing is, I was never big on Helvetica. Not my favorite face. But I would love to see PBS shows that focus on all the other big typefaces. Caslon, Bodoni...)

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