Monday, January 19, 2009

365 #14,15,16 & 17

More snow fell today leaving everything covered in a fluffy layer of white. On my daily walk I came across this bench-someone had laid newspapers down so that they might be able to sit down . The coffee cup has been sitting atop a wall for several days, it's blue color calling to me. It just looks so odd & so right covered in snow. The foot prints are from a staircase that crosses over an old rail road bridge . The first photo is taken from the bedroom-love the color!

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  1. Yes.... it is certainly worth it to express yourself in ART.... a true escape hatch that is all so necessary. When I am painting..I am in a world all own (escape hatch). Be creative and experiment and enjoy. I am new at setting up a blog so not sure what I am doing yet either... (formerly from NJ too)
    Millie Lane