Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One & Other / Ben2frog

One & Other is coming to an end very soon-Wed. actually. Last night there was a magical hour by artist Ben2frog. Every aspect of the hour seemed flawless & inevitable. The frog mask. The wheel barrow. The music. The bubbles. The yoga. The dancing in the crowd. The photography. (cinematography maybe more like it perhaps?) I especially loved that I caught it live but I did watch it again after the fact just to catch little things that I might have missed the first time around ...(I had been ironing and making some signs for Captain John as the hour unfolded live so I did miss some things) There is an interesting quote at the beginning of the hour too. Very timely. 
If you are new to One & Other and are not sure what to watch I would strongly recommend putting this one in your top ten. Very magical indeed. See it here

Sunday, October 11, 2009

single, kite flying roofer alert...& more serious things...

Had a very sporadic Sunday. In between all sorts of chores I have caught today's plinthers here and there. 
Note to self: watching in this way can be very disconcerting. One minute someone is in an orange jumpsuit & the next time I turn to watch that same person has transformed into a shiny, black, skin tight ...well, tune in here to see more of that. 
Right now a rather lovely young man is flying kites amidst Tibetan prayer flags. He describes himself as a roofer, single...and in the "stranger things have happened" category  -perhaps single women might want to go here and enjoy his hour & send him some fan mail. (Yes, I am a sucker for kites & prayer flags. )
update:sounds like he comes from a wonderful and interesting family too. Sounds like a catch to me  girls.
On a more serious note: later in the evening a woman spent her hour in support of organ donation. I  have carried around an donor card for many years now & would encourage others to do the same. I believe life is about both giving & receiving . I think the need to be a donor crystallizes if you take it personally: what if someone you  loved  needed a transplant -wouldn't you hope that the generosity of some compassionate stranger would be there for you in your hour of need? That is why I carry a donor card. Call it Karma if you like. You can see her hour here if you need more convincing on this issue. 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So tired-in a very good way!

The news this week warned of terrible subway trouble this weekend. All but 1 line would have some sort of disruption due to track work and repairs that had to be complete before winter sets in. As the alarm went off at 7a.m. I half dreaded getting up to make my way into the city-you never know what awaits you with our weekend subway service in general but this weekend who knew what to expect. You just knew it would be BAD.
Running to the platform I caught the train & got a seat. And got into the city in record time.
I spent the rest of the day printing Valentines. Yes, Valentines. On tissue paper , folded in fours so you can see through the transparent layers. Sounds cool, no? I barely had time to eat lunch as the late risers arrived & printshop got busy. I had shot a snow flake image for a holiday card I have been working on since summer but that will have to wait until Thursday.
The day here was unseasonably warm but a chill has set in and the wind accentuates the feeling that winter is not that far away.
So it seems appropriate to post this photo of a plinther in love with snow. You can see her hour here -enjoy the music she chose and get ready-winter is not far away and the first snowfall can't come soon enough...
Time for dinner...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

NEW semester / New Year's resolution

Life has been so hectic of late! No time to post, take stock and record . No time to even check in on Anthony Gormley's one & other which ends very soon...
The fall semester has begun and that means new projects and the usual race to complete old prints. I am trying to focus on as little new art as possible so that I can actually wrap up work on the things that already exist in my rush to fulfill that Jan. 1, 2009 New Year's resolution to open my very own Etsy shop of handmade cards, envelopes, writing and craft paper and cut paper artwork. Not to make too fine a point of it but I have exactly 89 days left to get this resolution from dream into reality. How exciting is that?!? Stay tuned as this unfolds and goes right down to the wire-just like all good stories do!
Photos to come!