Monday, January 12, 2009

Project 365 / photos no. 11,12,13 & 14

Today's photos had a small bit of a theme: "bird", birdhouse=tree house, tree  &  back to "bird"

I should add that I came upon the small bird (a wood pecker?) at a nearby sledding spot. I actually thought it was a colored feather from some sort of children's toy-from my vantage point of several feet away. As I walked over to take a closer look I recognized the poor bird -my husband will tell you my heart breaks every time I see animals who are injured (pigeons with limps are quite common for some reason) or dead. I used to take walks along the North Fork and if you take enough walks you come across dead seagulls, dogs , fish and even (large, soft shell ) turtles. There is a definite sadness to this kind of sight, for me. The bird house sits in another  nearby park. I do not think it has ever been inhabited. The tree caught my eye because of it's "seeds" hanging like Christmas balls, against the blue sky. And the last bird is my attempt at window decoration from a window painting kit.  

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