Saturday, January 31, 2009

365 # 34/35

Just back from the printshop-decompressing from a day of printing. I brought some of the prints home to hang to dry and to ponder. I have been in the process of making my very first book for some time now. It involves much more than I thought it would ! Each sheet  will eventually be it's own 8 page book. The "how" of it is the complicated part! (Don't ask me how just yet!) 
The last color of the day went towards a Valentine print-originally begun last year & never completed. I sometimes find that I hit a wall with prints and have to stop, put them away and come back to them later. It's that or risk ruining a print and that can be heart breaking! So now it is time to sit and mull and come up with the next step...
Post script:sometimes I'll create a etching or new piece of cut paper and that will cause me to return to some already finished prints to add to them yet again. A recent teacher of mine has come to ask: "How do you know when these are done?" My only answer : when I am dead. Otherwise, there may always be some element just waiting to be added-even years later! 

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