Tuesday, September 15, 2009


As I sanded and plastered and primed and painted the hellishly hot bathroom tonight I heard some pretty eclectic music coming from my computer. Stopping to come in and check what the heck was going on on the plinth I saw Mike W doing some amazing moves. For an hour. (you might think this easy but last night, the guy who was gonna try skipping rope for his hour gave up in no time-he had one great T-shirt though . )
As I watched Mike move and smile and manage not to fall off , it became clear to me HE was the king of the plinth. And then it happened. "Singing In The Rain" came on & Mike picked up the big white umbrella and did a wonderful Gene Kelly impression-on the plinth no less.
If you are having a down day and need an instant hour of pick me up or if you are alone and feel like dancing-go here and grove to Mike . I so wish I was there to see it in person and I so wish I could be a part of this eclectic art happening going on in Trafalgar Square. Rain or shine. Day or night. 24 / 7- for 29 more glorious days and nights.
Photos to follow...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Suggested viewing:

For those of you into plinthers, here are a few you might want to watch. I am going by my taste which can be best described as folks with a passion, on a mission or with a strong personal vision. Artists.
Here are a few to check out:
1. Man on a mission(and great music too)
2. Woman with a mission
3. Man with creativity & energy to spare
4. Artist who sews (check out her machine!)
5. Some interesting art making
6. A man with a lot of balls-all for a good cause(and a pretty good sense of humor too)
7. A man who clearly loves books & reading
8. A former New Yorker who loves to carry a tune-had me singing the next day!
9. Likes sharp objects to walk on for fun (What do you think? Is it real, or not?Crunch, crunch.) Got to love the hair.
10. Stunning sounds

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A "new" kind of performance art

Last summer I ran down to the Brooklyn Bridge to participate in an art happening (of sorts). A "time machine" had been set up between London & N.Y.C. and folks could go before the camera & send a message or do whatever they wanted to do. I made some signs that conveyed those favorite feelings of mine:Peace & Love.
Right now there is a similar piece going on in London called "One & Other". I have been lazy about checking it out-it "runs" from July 6th -October 4th & it is on 24/7. Seemingly the premise is folks get hourly shifts, during which time they can do anything they want. Since I only got around to checking it out last night I have not seen much but it does look like fun and if I were "there" I would have applied for one of the slots. Watching last night, as I sorted through emails, I did find myself pondering what I would do, if it were me up there .
You can go here to check it out and see what you think . Mainly, let it inspire you to come up with ideas for what you might do, if it were YOU! I sometimes find that merely viewing art (especially of this type) can easily allow one to become automatically judgemental about whatever happens to be going on at the time. Perhaps that reaction could be circumvented by asking yourself what you would do...