Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Project 365": #2

We are supposed to have really rainy weather tomorrow so I'll use that as the excuse to post photo #2. (Real reason is just after spotting Job I walked past the children's section of the park and caught site of ...a bird house! Funny how -  once  you start really LOOKING you see things you never noticed before. Perhaps that is another benefit of a year long project like this=developing a keener eye...) Perhaps the most charming feature of this faux birdhouse is the 5 small birds that perch nearby. They are so small that I did not at first see them. That camouflage is something that happens with "real" wildlife too.  As I went for the remainder of the walk I would often hear leaves rustling -an audio indication of birds or squirrels nearby. I have to stop  & closely  study the leaves and branches to be able to spot the actual creature since they blend into the landscape so very well this time of year. 

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