Sunday, March 1, 2009

Could it be? More snow? (365 # 54)

We are waiting for snow-as much as 8". As we wait, I sit out my second cold of this winter season -watching, with my eyes closed, the lovely "Singing In The Rain". Made me cry- must be the fever I had ! I have always loved the magic of Gene Kelly . Besides just being amazing, he makes it look so effortless & filled with joy. Basically, he makes me want to learn to dance. 
On Thursday evening I printed up more silkscreens and had to hang the biggest mylar prints to dry on my window. Here Nicki sits, peaking out from underneath prints and between plants, watching the very first flakes of this Sunday Morning.
This Thursday Eve I also began printing next year's Valentines! Here is what color # 1 looks like. I am still figuring out just how to proceed with color #2! 

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