Saturday, March 21, 2009

baby road trip

In keeping with our current beach going: today we go to : Montauk! It should be very windy and beautiful! My mom is coming and we are all bringing lots of layers & thermoses of warm tea & cameras & bags to carry found stuff in. (Last week's visit to Jones Beach was impromptu & stuff got put in coat pockets which means everything is still full of sand!)
Later today: I learned something important today-destinations that involve  a long drive will not necessarily bring larger dividends than those just minutes away.In other words, the closer Jones Beach was far more wonderful than the farther Montauk. It was a beautiful day but it was also busy and a bit dirty-on the beach  one found fish heads & spines every few feet along with other debris . Kind of a sad reminder of how "we" ruin the most beautiful places with our own carelessness. There was a nice fireplace in the "cafe" .(It was not called a cafe when I was a kid!We called such places snack bars and since the food is the same ,why  upscale everything? ) But it somehow felt like something was missing. Some spirit or soulfulness. I am more than willing to admit it might just be me but I was left underwhelmed. Perhaps my disappointment  lies with another mistake-going back to a place that held such strong memories. Time changes things and not always for the better. 

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