Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring? (365 # 57)

The very last of the snow is melting. Who knows if there will be any more? 
I am finally back to walking after catching back to back colds with fevers! As I walked between raindrops today, I looked for signs of Spring. There are small flowers coming up in gardens everywhere but in the less cultivated parts I saw very little beyond some deep red buds on trees. I did see lots of moss growing along the stone and cement wall that encompasses portions of the park and it all looked vibrantly greener today. 
As I walked I began to think of springs gone by. As you get older I find the past creeps into my life a lot more than it used to. I recalled those first brave flowers getting hit by late snow falls. In particular, my paternal grandparents had (until last year) the most amazing magnolia tree and almost every year it's gorgeous flowers had their lives cut short by snow. Then there were the flowers I always looked for :the Lily of the valley clusters. The crocuses-also known as every squirrels favorite snack-no matter what you put around  to protect them . (My parents used something scary  - literally called dried blood.)  Forsythia were also early bloomers as was my grandparents pear tree. It had the prettiest blossoms but do not make the mistake of smelling them! Their scent was awful! It amazed me that each flower transformed to become a pear by fall. What a miracle! 

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