Tuesday, March 10, 2009

gold leaf anyone? (365 #58)

I did something new this week: working with gold leaf! I have a small box that holds gold leaf from my Grandma Claire & Grandpa George. I "inherited" the gold leaf several years ago and placed it into this box to keep it from blowing away.  If you have never seen gold leaf:it is this wispy thin layer of gold stuck on thin paper and it flakes off and blows away with little provocation. So , in the box it sat. Then I got some glue and pondered what to do with it all. I happened to be fond of collecting rocks and thought-why not place gold hearts on rocks-and my experiments began. This is rock #1 resting atop my gold leaf box. Here is the question:do I keep these rocks & give them as gifts? Do I place them back into the forest where I found them, for folks to find? I happen to have my eye on some larger rocks that I pass on my walk in the park. There is this theory that winter's frost actually brings rocks to the surface and these 6 large ones have appeared in the last few weeks. They really do seem to need a new home, sitting there by the side of the road on Myrtle Avenue. 

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