Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jones Beach ( 365 # 61-64)

I went to Jones Beach today. A joy. The weather was O.K. -nice enough that major bundling up was not required but cool enough(little sun) that gloves were a must!  I love many things about the beach-mainly I love the water , fresh air and lovely sky. But I also love the building materials used, the designs and colors! & I love all of the stuff that can be found:washed up shells, BEACH GLASS and strange...trash. I guess you can call it something else but really , it is the stuff we leave behind and throw out. Trash. I also love going to the beach "off season". In summer, it is a very different place. I happen to love the emptiness of off season. & how things look shut down & different from summer time. It is like peeking into an open shuttered window on someones summer house:seeing the furniture covered in sheets ,a layer of dust covering everything. At the beach , sand covers everything in wind blown dunes. (Here is where the trip takes me back in time, to childhood) I spotted an open window,umbrellas peering out at the ocean like children waiting to be let outside to have some fun! There was so much to see that I'll post in batches . One last thing: the benches-there are several types-some cement, others wooden. The wooden ones have plaques with names and dates-what a wonderful way to remember someone! 

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