Monday, February 23, 2009

365 # 48,49,50,51,52,53 : glimpses of a visit to "The Met"

The Metropolitan Museum  Of Art! It is many years since I have braved the crowds &  Gone for a visit.  The Met is enormous. There is so much art &  everywhere you turn there is bound to be something  that is considered amazing & famous . It is funny how the oddest things caught my eye. The molding. The grand staircase that tells you this is THE temple of visual art. The flowers. (they were a little bit of spring!) Anything that creates a shadow or is cut or patterned in any way. The main reason for dragging myself out of bed ridiculously  early on a cold Sunday morning was to see the amazing: Alexander Calder's jewelry show which closes March 1st. I have always loved Calder. He broke rules and had fun and applied art to everything he did and that is what real art is-in my eyes. His jewelry is amazingly lovely and much of it was made for his wife and his friends. The show contains but a few of his pieces but there is a big book that shows it all and it reminds me of why I love art and why I am an artist. Sadly one could not take photos in this special exhibit but if you are curious you can check their web site. Stunning! 

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