Saturday, February 14, 2009

365 # 42 : Valentines Day challenge!

Ready for my first ever Valentines Day challenge? Go out and SPREAD THE LOVE! I saw a wonderful image on Maya*made's blog (see here & here) and took it to another level with color and this is what I came up with. It's my way of giving love and Valentines to folks in the neighborhood. There is no way I can make Valentines for ALL but I can do this! AND I did it while getting over a really bad cold so there is no excuse for anyone else to duck out of this one! Find a way to SPREAD THE LOVE  today! Be creative & simple & honest & have some fun. It can be really cool and inspiring-that is the whole point of this blog. It is also great to show love and nurture it and this is the one day "we" can all talk about love and not feel funny about it. I would very much love to hear what folks come up with and I hope I inspire YOU to go out and spread the love around your corner of the world today! XXXOOO!

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