Wednesday, February 4, 2009

365: #38-at winters end...

I RAN home from work and RAN out to take more photos and spend more time in the COLD! As I look at the weather forecast for the next few days I see warmer temps and rain...maybe this is the last snowfall of this winter? So I tried to capture scenes that would remind me of what it all looked like and felt like. It was the visual equivalent of  the process squirrels go through in fall  as they  find and then store acorns for eating  in the coming  winter. 
I love footprints , of any kind (and even tire tracks) in snow. 
I love the way snow settles onto tile roofs. 
I love the way the setting sun glimmers among the cold trees.
I love how this particular type of snow sat atop everything and is still there, one day later.
I love the way bare bark looks against the snow. 
I love the way still attached tree leaves look against the winter background. 
I love the way poor Job looks in this setting. I think he was made to look up at God in the bleakness of winter time. In the lushness of summer, his plight will not seem so valid. (but stay tuned and we will find out, together.) 
I love how the intertwined tree tops look against the sky. Be sure to look up before  spring comes and all is green and leafy. 
There are some things photographs  could not capture and that is were words come in: 
I love the silence snow creates. It is an audio buffer to all the sounds created by life. 
I love the many different sounds made from walking on snow. (You can blame my love of radio for this.) Do you know what snow sounds like? Have you ever stopped to listen? 
I love how the air smells and feels. It wakes me up! It makes my face rosy. 
Last but not least: I love how snow has made me SEE this winter. Really look at things, sometimes the same things day after day. You really see when you start to look in that way. And I think you begin to appreciate all that is around you when you really see it for all that it is.  I have spent my whole life in N.Y. and I am so glad as I have gotten to taste and appreciate each and every season in all it's glory ,power & beauty. 

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