Sunday, October 11, 2009

single, kite flying roofer alert...& more serious things...

Had a very sporadic Sunday. In between all sorts of chores I have caught today's plinthers here and there. 
Note to self: watching in this way can be very disconcerting. One minute someone is in an orange jumpsuit & the next time I turn to watch that same person has transformed into a shiny, black, skin tight ...well, tune in here to see more of that. 
Right now a rather lovely young man is flying kites amidst Tibetan prayer flags. He describes himself as a roofer, single...and in the "stranger things have happened" category  -perhaps single women might want to go here and enjoy his hour & send him some fan mail. (Yes, I am a sucker for kites & prayer flags. )
update:sounds like he comes from a wonderful and interesting family too. Sounds like a catch to me  girls.
On a more serious note: later in the evening a woman spent her hour in support of organ donation. I  have carried around an donor card for many years now & would encourage others to do the same. I believe life is about both giving & receiving . I think the need to be a donor crystallizes if you take it personally: what if someone you  loved  needed a transplant -wouldn't you hope that the generosity of some compassionate stranger would be there for you in your hour of need? That is why I carry a donor card. Call it Karma if you like. You can see her hour here if you need more convincing on this issue. 

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