Wednesday, June 17, 2009

senseless killing of geese in N.Y.C. this week

A few days ago the city announced a plan to catch and kill 2,000 geese here in N.Y.C. as part of a plan to rid the area of geese. The idea is, no geese, no airplane bird strikes. Several organizations have protested  this plan, saying it does not protect against bird strikes (see here) and a petition had been set up (see here). I would very much like to think "we" are smart enough to come up with solutions that do not included killing animals and wasting money but it seems "we" have yet to learn from history. I am a life long New Yorker and visitor to Flushing Meadows (I call it the Central Park of Queens) and it is one of those rare places where you can interact and observe animals-these geese and ducks and swans that reside there and enhance life for all who visit. So I'll be voting , in our next mayoral election, to replace our current mayor with someone who I hope will be more thoughtful about decisions such as these. In the meantime, I urge anyone who reads this blog to sign the petition and send it along to others to sign. I am one of those who believes you CAN fight city hall (as they say) and I also believe we each can make a difference. I also believe in Karma so politically, personally and spiritually , killing is not a part of my vocabulary . 

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