Sunday, June 21, 2009


I love listening to NPR (National Public Radio). Perhaps because it reminds me of a simpler time when folks did listen to their radios and music filled the air. 
WNYC/ FM  -  here in N.Y. is the station I usually go to . After listening for many years, (started back in college when my first love turned me on to New Sounds with John Schaefer -good to listen  to as you pulled an all nighter working on some project!) I can now go to their web site and see the faces behind the voices that have been bringing me music and news all these years. More than a little weird as radio does allow one to conjure up images in one's own mind and those images do not always jive with reality. Anyway, WNYC has a few blogs & I have begun  adding my 2 cents now & again. Read about my dad and others HERE but don't tell my dad about it. It is a little sentimental. Happy Father's Day to all out there. And, Yes, my dad did sign the petition to save the geese. (thanks da!) If you want to join him, go HERE & thanks! 

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