Saturday, September 12, 2009

Suggested viewing:

For those of you into plinthers, here are a few you might want to watch. I am going by my taste which can be best described as folks with a passion, on a mission or with a strong personal vision. Artists.
Here are a few to check out:
1. Man on a mission(and great music too)
2. Woman with a mission
3. Man with creativity & energy to spare
4. Artist who sews (check out her machine!)
5. Some interesting art making
6. A man with a lot of balls-all for a good cause(and a pretty good sense of humor too)
7. A man who clearly loves books & reading
8. A former New Yorker who loves to carry a tune-had me singing the next day!
9. Likes sharp objects to walk on for fun (What do you think? Is it real, or not?Crunch, crunch.) Got to love the hair.
10. Stunning sounds

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