Monday, August 24, 2009

(Wo)man's best friend

We had a small family gathering Sunday & Maggie was the star of the entire day. (when not coma deep in sleep from all the attention & activity she got from all of us!)
While Maggie is work ( ask her family!) she is also tons of fun & love and it really does bring home the reason why folks love their pets so much.
If YOU are looking to "Do Something New" I encourage you to think about adopting an animal from your local shelter. If you are not ready to take the plunge, start with a small step first : volunteer at a shelter or try foster care. But be forewarned : stepping foot in a shelter can often lead to setting eyes upon some lovely furry friends & that just might provide an unexpected tipping point to adopting, weather you thought you were ready or not for this wonderful adventure.
(Maggie is seen here sleeping with her "kitty" on a fake leopard bean bag. How good does this dog have it? Pretty darn good, I'd say!)
P.S. If you love animals like we do HERE is the petition regarding Michael Vick-see below post for more details.

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