Monday, August 17, 2009

Do this for all the right reasons:

I am an animals lover. In Istanbul, some of my strongest memories are of the dogs, cats & birds I encountered there. In Paris it was likewise : birds of all different kinds seemed to be everywhere we went. Printing out photos of our trip this past Sunday I was pleasantly surprised to see the many images of the animals we encountered on both cities.
I was given my love of animals by my parents and it is something I am very thankful for as it brings daily joy to my life.
A petition was sent to me this weekend regarding the signing of Michael Vick to the Eagles. Mr. Vick also made an appearance on the television show "60 Minutes" this Sunday in an effort to repackage himself . Mr. Vick , until recently , thought dog fighting was what grown men did in their spare time . Seemingly, he now wants America to believe he is really, really sorry and has found God and is ready to be a role model and leader for all that is good.
Lots of people do this public song and dance and some are indeed sincere. Mr. Vick strikes me as someone who is just going through the motions and reading the prescribed script, written by paid PR people (who were actually pictured on the 60 Minutes interview...).
I personally believe Mr. Vick made some serious mistakes & I think those mistakes are being compounded by the N.F.L.'s decision to reinstate him so quickly and the Eagles decision to sign Mr. Vick to their team.
I say all of this , not just as an animal lover but as someone who knows right from wrong and who does not believe one's relationship with GOD should have a connection to one's P.R. and legal team strategy to revive a career. If you are glad Mr. Vick was NOT signed by your home team, you can go here (petition) to tell the Eagles they can keep Mr. Vick for as long as they like. (I do want to warm folks that there is a rather graphic photos of one of the dogs Mr. Vick mistreated on the petition sight & I did find it haunting & heartbreaking to see.)

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