Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The impact of one new thing

In February I incorporated one new thing into life : Pilates. Having come from the world of yoga, it was interesting to delve into a unknown world that at times felt as if it ran counter to years of yoga training. Since I knew nothing about Pilates, I had no preconceived notions , no idea, whatsoever, what to expect. There were beginner aches and pains and a wonderful, total absorption as I focused on what I was doing & how I was doing it. Soon, old pains ebbed away. Pains I had lived with for years and had assumed would be with me for life. I began to look forward to class as it got less foreign and slightly familiar. The challenge began to pull me in. Could I do this? Was there anything I could not do? I imagined those parts of our brain the activate when we learn began to buzz. My batteries,which had been at an all time low since last August when my mom was ill and came to stay with me, began to recharge. My mood lifted too. They say exercise is addictive. I think addiction comes from all of the good that comes from this working with ones body. I still struggle with aspects, 3 months into this new adventure: I have yet to meet my "core" but I am getting better at pretending it exists. And as warmer weather arrives, I revert to my training in yoga and try practicing with awareness , feeling those "edges" and taking care not to venture into the world of injury spurred on by pride and the thrill of being and doing. If you are ever able to-try this thing call Pilates. At the moment, I can not imagine life without it.

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