Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good book to read while lounging under a tree in the springtime air:

I was returning books at the library and this book jacket caught my eye. I have been plowing through it as fast as I can (it is a 7 day book and as the weather gets nicer there seems to be less and less available time to read ) . It is indeed along the lines or "Eat, Pray, Love" but has a nice mix of recent politics and long term history mixed into it. I have just a few hours to tear through the last 150 pages and there is so much calling out to me that needs to be done!
I have not put any focus on my love of reading -so much that I read is on some level not worth the effort. But this one might just be one to check into . (And check out of your local library-an environmentally friendly way to indulge in a love of reading . I also love that I am not investing $ if it turns out I do not find the book to be worth reading...)

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