Monday, December 21, 2009

Queens Crap: WTF is with the ASPCA?

Queens Crap: WTF is with the ASPCA?
Above is a link to a recent story about a dog named "Justice" who had been mistreated and shockingly, returned to the very people who mistreated him.(Story courtesy of "Queens Crap" the blog that covered the gassing of approximately 2,000 geese here in NYC just a few short months ago) 
 As with "Oreo" the dog the ASPCA seems to have dropped the ball again and it is just luck that someone knows the story and is publicizing it. If you love animals like I do you'll want to call the ASPCA and request they investigate this matter and , if warranted, rescue this dog so it can be properly  taken care of and placed in a loving home. 
I do think this story illustrates just how ineffective the ASPCA has become when it comes to protecting animals and perhaps that warrants it's own investigation. 
The ASPCA can be reached here: 1-212-876-7700

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