Thursday, May 21, 2009

Erie Basin Park,Bklyn N.Y.C.

Went somewhere new tonight: Erie Basin Park in Brooklyn. It is a very interesting , mixed use site. Thoughtfully  designed with wonderful mix of natural & metal materials & well done  displays that give a sense of history about the historic  ship building space & amazing views , especially at sun set. 
The park flows along the waterfront and is behind a new IKEA. Perhaps that is why some of the design elements feel so well suited to the setting?
I liked best they way the park blended nature with it's waterfront industrial setting, giving you the best of both worlds and a real appreciation for each element. I am really interested to see the park as the seasons change it-imagine snow on everything pictured here! I also liked how the park used "art" in a way that made you think. 
One odd note:what little  remains of the  wooden piers is actually lose and waivers back and forth as the water moves like reeds in wind  . 

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