Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teaching the art of being creative

I began teaching a new series of classes this week at The Creative Center. My desk was a major mess all week (cue Sandi cat to come over and investigate!)as I did the prep work for the 4 classes which will focus on the art of the greeting card . Each week we'll create a card utilizing a different medium & I'll be bringing in little pieces of letter & mail art as inspiration. In last night's first class a wonderful artist gave me some colorful & waxy tissue paper. I brought it home and wondered how to use it. This weekend I am attending my cousin Jenn's baby shower and lots of my family have their birthdays in the next few weeks. So I gathered my collection of rocks with gold leaf hearts and wrapped them in this great & transparent paper. Hope they make it to N.J. in O.K.  condition! 
P.S. teaching is such fun and if you have not done it, I encourage you to think about what you love and then mull over how you can teach it to others . You'll get a wonderful energy from this.

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